SafeStake: Running a Boot Node (on going)

Updates happen frequently! Our Github always has the latest operator node resources and setup instructions.

NOTE: This tutorial is meant for SafeStake admininistrator. You DON'T need to read this if you are a user who wants to setup an operator node. Instead, you should read the tutorial for operator node.

Boot Node Service

The duty agreement among operators uses Hotstuff consensus and runs on a p2p network. This requires operators to know each other's IP addresses. For this purpose, SafeStake runs and maintains a root node that operators can consult and use to join the p2p network.



  • Public Static Network IP

  • Hardware(Recommend)

    • CPU: 2

    • Memory: 2G

    • Disk: 30GB

  • OS

    • Unix

  • Software

    • Docker

    • Docker Compose

Set firewall rule

Port rangeProtocolSource




Clone this repository:

sudo mkdir -p /data/boot
git clone --recurse-submodules dvf
cd dvf
mv .env.example .env

Install Docker and Docker Compose

Start Service

Run the following to start the root node service:

sudo docker compose -f docker-compose-boot.yml up -d

Get root node enr

docker compose -f docker-compose-boot.yml logs -f dvf_root_node | grep enr


dvf-dvf_root_node-1 | Base64 ENR: enr:-IS4QNa-kpJM1eWfueeEnY2iXlLAL0QY2gAWAhmsb4c8VmrSK9J7N5dfXS_DgSASCDrUTHMqMUlP4OXSYEVh-Z7zFHkBgmlkgnY0gmlwhAMBnbWJc2VjcDI1NmsxoQPKY0yuDUmstAHYpMa2_oxVtw0RW_QAdpzBQA8yWM0xOIN1ZHCCIy0

NOTE: SafeStake will maintain the ENR(s) of the boot node(s) on its website so that users registering as operators can utilize them to start operator nodes.

The boot node is now ready to be used.

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